EZ Focus Area

EZ Focus Area tax credits are available to businesses, which expand or locate within specific boundaries of an Enterprise Zone.  A fact sheet about Enterprise Zone and EZ Focus Area benefits can be downloaded here.  For questions about Enterprise Zone Focus Area tax credits and certifications, please contact us by phone at 410-837-9305 or via email at info@BaltimoreDevelopment.com.

Property Tax Credits

  • Real property tax credit of 80 percent on the increased assessed value for 10 years
  • Personal property tax credit of 80 percent for 10 years on new investment in personal property
  • Credit goes to property owner

Income Tax Credits

  • $1,500 tax credit per new employee
  • $9,000 tax credit over 3 years for hiring economically disadvantaged employee
  • Credit may be carried forward for 5 years
  • Credit may be claimed by any firm located within Enterprise Zone eligible property that adds new employment meeting certain requirements

To find out if your business is in an EZ Focus Area, please visit CityView and type in the property address. For more information about eligibility and Enterprise Zone certification, please contact us at info@BaltimoreDevelopment.com.