RISE Zone Tax Credit

A Regional Institution Strategic Enterprise Zone (RISE Zone) is a geographic area that has a strong connection with a qualified institution and is targeted for increased economic and community development. Qualified institutions include institutions of higher education, regional higher education centers or non-profits affiliated with a federal agency. Businesses locating in a RISE Zone or an existing business doing a significant expansion within the Zone, may qualify for real property tax credits and income tax credits related to capital investment and job creation.

The purpose of the RISE Zone program is to access institutional assets that have a strong and demonstrated history of commitment to economic development and revitalization in the communities in which they are located. Qualified institutions and local governments develop a targeted strategy to use the institutional assets and financial incentives to attract businesses and create jobs within the zone. A RISE Zone designation will be in effect for 5 years, with a possible additional 5-year renewal. Counties and municipalities are limited to a maximum of three RISE Zones.

For more information, please visit commerce.maryland.gov