Baltimore Food Policy Initiative


Baltimore’s Food Policy Initiative (BFPI) is a cross-agency collaboration to increase access to healthy and affordable food in Baltimore City. The Baltimore Development Corporation, in partnership with the Baltimore City Health Department, the Office of Sustainability within the City’s Department of Planning and Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, works to stimulate food retail development and expand access to healthy food in all our neighborhoods, with a focus on health food priority areas (formerly referred to as food deserts).

As part of BFPI’s retail strategy, Baltimore now offers personal property tax credit to supermarkets locating or renovating within targeted areas in the City. This tax credit is at 80 percent for 10 years against the personal property tax imposed on qualified supermarkets that locate or make significant improvements in specific incentive areas. Personal property typically covers furniture, fixtures and equipment. For more information about the tax credit, please visit Grocery Store Tax Credit.

To read more about BFPIs retail strategy and view the most recent Food Environment Map and Report, please visit Baltimore Office of Sustainability.